Edward Gonzales

Edward Gonzales painting El Charro

Edward Gonzales was raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and holds a degree in fine art from the University of New Mexico. In 1969 he was completing his final year of college when he was drafted into the U.S. Army. After serving in Vietnam Gonzales returned to Albuquerque, married and began his career as an artist.

About my art
“I’ve always felt that my motivation to create art comes from within. It’s the process which takes place between the intellect and the soul. It’s this dialogue of the inner self that has sustained me. I believe in the goodness of mankind and the moral responsibility to contribute to society through my art.

“When I paint I search to create my impression of the physical and spiritual world that surrounds us. I choose to reflect the power and beauty of humanity. My art is primarily figurative and southwestern in theme but my first concern is the emotional impact the art carries.” In much of this work Gonzales’s overriding focus has been a positive representation of his cultural heritage.

Edward taking a break from Bountiful Earth

Books had a special place in the young artist’s creative development. “Reading, as well as just looking at the pictures in art books when I was very young, was critical to my becoming an artist,” Gonzales states. “The art world was very distant from the one I lived in but books made the art world real and attainable for me. In my high school library I read a chapbook on Patrocinio Barela, the Taos wood carver. It was an enormous revelation to learn that a poor Hispanic could create great works of art.”

For that reason, Edward Gonzales produced a number of paintings among a larger body of art which stress literacy and education. These images have been published as posters and are in homes and schools throughout the country.  Posters can be purchased at EdwardGonzales.com.

To honor his contribution to art, education and Hispanic culture, the Albuquerque Public School Board in 2004 voted to name a new school for him. Edward Gonzales Elementary is located on the city’s west side and is one of the state’s largest elementary schools.

To see the school visit this link: Edward Gonzales Elementary School   

Edward Gonzales receives 2013 Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts